Thursday, April 10, 2014

Snarky Public Attitude During Divorce Costs One Ex Plenty!

New York case may give other spouses pause before they go public with ex bashing

The wife was all set to take home a good payday.  Half of her husbands assets totaling $2.5 million dollars.  She should have used a few hundred dollars for anger management classes or a few dollars for chill pills.  It seems that she was still holding a grudge against her lawyer husband for buying his girlfriend a really big rock.  She didn't just complain to her BFF, she told the press. 

The judge in the case found that Janice Schacter had sullied the reputation of her husband, Ira:

“Her repeated attacks against him have played a part in diminishing his income,” Judge Drager found.

The bad press resulted in Ira becoming “an involuntary contestant for the negative award for Lawyer of the Month” on the website Above the Law, Drager noted.

The New York Post reported that the judge also noted:

“This acrimonious divorce action presented one of the most contentious litigations this court has ever presided over,” Justice Drager ruled, noting that each side shouted during proceedings and even “ran out of the courtroom in the middle” of hearings.

For more about this case, you can turn to the full article at the Post.

At Aretsky and Aretsky, Attorneys at Law in Bergen County, NJ, we work hard to keep every divorce case as free from acrimony as possible. When kids are involved, even adult children, the relationship with your ex is very likely to continue if both of you intend to continue relationships with the kids and grandkids.  It is very hard to unsay the harsh things you might use in attempting to skewer your ex in the lawsuit or among friends or family. 

Call today and we can discuss the basics of your case prior to your making any decisions.  Eric Aretsky is available 24/7 to take your call on his cellphone at 201-580-3411

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