Monday, March 10, 2014

Justin Bieber Arrest Gives Teen Parent Reason to Reflect


Is Justin Bieber’s Criminal Activity That Different Than Your Teen?

What did you do in High School and College?  Just saying. 

Recent statistics point to a well known fact.  Teen boys get in trouble.  The statistics pointed to the reality that arrests in this age group are increasing.  Teen boys have been getting in trouble for decades.  The alarming trend might be that teen girls are now getting into more criminal activity than in previous generations. 

Bieber was picked up by Miami Beach police for drag racing, driving under the influence (admitted to alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs), and resisting arrest. 

What are the chances that your teen might end up with similar criminal charges?

36.4% of high school seniors used marijuana in the past year
8% report using synthetic marijuana in the past year
15% report using a prescription drug for a non-medical reason
5% used cough medicines to get high
26% of high school seniors report getting drunk in the past month
Statistics from

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  1. i feel like a teen ending up in such situation is partly the fault of the parent. they should keep a better eye on the child. but also the youngster should have better moral values. its a shame when the end turns out to be this