Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Elon vs Alan, Ford vs Tesla. Tesla Wins this Year's Best in Class


Tesla soars, Ford falls in 'Consumer Reports' study

Ford had been showing impressive gains under the leadership of CEO Alan Mulally.  He clearly cleaned up Ford's reputation, and led the company to impressive sales and profits even during the recession.  Ford, unlike General Motors and Chrysler, refused to take government bailout help, yet emerged as the strongest US maker. 

CNBC's distinguished car editor, , spoke with Consumer Reports managing editor, Jon Linkov, about the results of the newly released auto industry report card.  In the report Tesla scored an impressive, record shattering 99 out of 100, while Ford and the Japanese makers slipped.

Tesla is the new standard, and the bar is very high.  Starting from scratch in an old GM plant in California, the fabled Elon Musk of PayPal and SpaceX fame, did what no other car company has been able to do.  Create an all electric car that people actually desired.  Not just an electric car, but one that is so well designed and built that those same buyers would likely be interested if it was a combustion engine or a hybrid.  From the article on CNBC.com
"Tesla is going up against established brands, and yet it is schooling them on how to make a high-tech car," Bartlett said. "It excels in all areas that we measure."
The ranking is the latest accolade for the company, which is expanding its sales and production. Last week, Tesla said it expects to sell at least 35,000 Model S vehicles in 2014. This week, it's expected to announce plans to build a "giga factory," which will dramatically increase production of lithium-ion battery cells and battery packs.
What is wrong with those Fords?  LeBeau writes:
As has been the case in recent years, the biggest complaint from Ford owners was the reliability of their Ford Sync and MyFord Touch in-car connectivity systems.
"Sync and MyFord Touch have proved to be an Achilles' heel ... with the system locking up or being slow to respond," Bartlett said. "It is bringing Ford's overall reliability down."
 The proof is really shown in the listings below.  Keep in Mind that Tesla scored a 99.

Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue rankings

Brand Score Brand Score
Lexus 79 GMC 63
Acura 75 Chrysler 62
Audi 74 Kia 61
Subaru 72 Hyundai 60
Toyota 72 VW 59
Mazda 71 Nissan 59
Honda 70 Chevrolet 56
Infiniti 69 Cadillac 54
Mercedes 68 Dodge 53
BMW 66 Ford 50
Volvo 66 Jeep 50
Buick 63


And what has happened to the Japanese.  They have dominated the Consumer Reports top pick list for years.  But not so this year.  It is their worst showing in 40 years.  In this case, it isn't necessarily that the Japanese cars are dropping in quality, but that other have caught up and passed them.

Consumer Report top picks

Best Overall Tesla Model S
Sports sedan BMW 328i
Small SUV Subaru Forester
Minivan Honda Odyssey
Midsize SUV Hyundai Santa Fe
Midsize sedan Honda Accord
Green car Toyota Prius
Compact car Subaru Impreza
Luxury car Audi A6
Pickup truck Ram 1500
Of course, car quality has an impact on car accidents and injuries.  So, while the above rankings are not specifically related to safety issues, they are a dominant concern on the mind of consumers today and would clearly impact the polling. 

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