Monday, May 28, 2012

"Dads You Have Rights," SaysFamily Lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey

If you are a father who is missing out on your parental rights because of your ex’s actions, you may benefit from talking with a family lawyer in Bergen County.
Separation and divorce is hard on kids, and can put strain on the parent-child relationship. In the worst cases, one parent may use their child to hurt, control, or retaliate against the other parent. Commonly, this looks like creating unfair barriers and limitations on visitation- through attempting to relocate arbitrarily, not cooperating with the visitation plan, or creating other hassles and roadblocks.
Parents should work to maintain positive relationships between their children and the other parent. Children miss their non-custodial parent (usually the father), and need to keep their bond with them throughout family transitions.
New Jersey family courts operate from the belief that children deserve love, support and interaction with both parents. The court has upheld the rights of fathers in custody, visitation, and relocation disputes.


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